I am Charrise McCrorey — a heart-centered certified business/life coach,artist, writer, facilitator, and creative muse. Having worked in the world of business — and with people –my entire life, I come equipped with a natural talent for tapping in to the most essential solutions for the people problems leaders face today.

My passion is helping conscious leaders ignite a new fire in themselves and their people.

I believe business leaders of today have remarkable potential to solve the biggest problems our society faces.

I believe we’re meant to have more fun at work — not just some of us — all of us.

I believe it’s our imperative to find new ways to engage our teams.

I believe in the power of embodying compassion and empathy for the people with whom we work.

I believe the development of our people represents our greatest competitive advantage.

I believe change is positive.

I believe that when we work collectively to solve big problems, the solution becomes more robust and sustainable.

I believe everything begins with a conversation.