Charrise McCrorey, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Coach

Here’s a summary of Charrise’s most accessible gifts:

  • To inspire
  • To see possibilities when none seem to exist
  • Naturally positive
  • Creative problem solving
  • Strategic
  • Diverse background/experience in many industries
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Strong connection to intuitive sense
  • High energy
  • See things through the lens of love
  • Focus on strengths in myself and others
  • Talent for helping others START something

And here’s the more formal stuff:

Charrise McCrorey is founder of Coach Charrise, LLC and co-founder of CoQuora, LLC.

She is a heart-centered entrepreneur coach, business consultant and love activist, generating and facilitating conversations that matter. Through compelling questions that move people forward, she is committed to creating change as a positive force, individually and collectively.

She specializes in inviting change-makers, business leaders, and creative entrepreneurs into bold and strategic thinking, willing to open the space for making what seems impossible — possible. She works with entrepreneurs and leaders of private organizations, facilitating dialogue that builds internal capacity. She seeks to shine the light on individual strengths in order to solve the most complex problems, by coming together into the collective.

She brings possibility thinking to any situation, and people always leave her company inspired.

She has guided the transformation of thousands of people in her own uniquely fierce and gentle way, through talks, workshops, one-to-one leadership coaching and consulting, digital programs and her published work. Her work fundamentally transforms the way humans communicate, produce work, and manage change in major US cities like Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Detroit, and throughout the world.

As an advisor to the US State Department, Charrise has facilitated growth of the entrepreneurial spirit in Middle Eastern and North African women through her involvement as a panelist and host family for the SUSI program. She loves to mentor and empower women from all walks of life to have their greatest possible impact, and volunteers for St. Mary’s College Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative in many capacities.

Charrise is a published author and writes her own inspirational blog.