Here are some testimonials from recent clients:


“Coaching is about supporting people to find what is within themselves and helping them to spring that into action. However, for me, in my despair, you do far more. You center me, guiding me away from my nasty absolutes, and further…you firmly grip my hand and literally haul me out of the dark dank hole, in a hoisting motion…and then lovingly…kick me in the butt to get on with it.” N.R. 

“I have found my coaching relationship to be one that provides a set of expert eyes that is not bound by the paradigm in which we are operating.  Charrise has no vested interest in making people happy, nor supporting the status quo, nor making things comfortable.  She has challenged me to see the strengths that I hold and that are held by the team AS WELL AS the opportunities for growth, and to enhance both to the benefit of individuals and the team.  Charrise has reconnected me with the concept described in a quotation from Rosalyn Carter, “A leader takes people where they want to go.  A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”  K.W. 

“Within a month of beginning my work with Charrise, the initial results of her coaching began to manifest. Seeds were sprouting. My understanding of my role as a leader became clear. My presence was commended by teammates & supervisors, and I began to enjoy a level of effectiveness I’d not experienced previously. Becoming more effective led to efficiency, which naturally had a strong positive impact on my ability to manage time. As I wasn’t managing crises & putting out fires, I began to enjoy my work more, which circled back into a stronger leadership presence. Success began to feed success. With the guidance & motivation provided by her, my colleagues & I are empowered to lead our team through a period of significant transition in not only our workplace culture but, most importantly, in our core philosophy of service delivery.” G.P. 

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“It’s been a great experience having Charrise as my business coach. She has helped me to see what I’m best at, and coaches me on ways to work around what I’m not so good at. Her ability to get me to close the gap between thought and action has allowed me to make more money and help more people. She is personable, ambitious and accessible; always there to help me identify what holds me back, and to help me create a strategy to win.” E.O. 

“As a creative professional, it’s often difficult to find a person with the unique set of skills and insight that it takes to speak to the deepest and most relevant places within to evoke the growth and transformation necessary to take a creative practice to new levels. Charrise McCrorey is a gift.” V.H. 

“Charrise is an extremely gifted and talented individual and an amazing coach. She helps transform the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. She’s honest and will tell you like it is, which is what we all need more of in our lives. Her desire to always be in service to others is clearly the motivating factor that drives her everyday. She has a wealth of knowledge about the challenges we all face in the light of fear. Charrise truly understands the many benefits people receive when they replace that fear with love and by taking action.” C.N. 

“My time with Charrise has been life changing! About a year ago I was bogged down in fear, sadness, and exhaustion. Finding the strength to speak my truth was, quite frankly, just too overwhelming during the day to day business of an executive. No one around me (or so I thought!) could see the pain I was in. Within my first session I felt the stitching-up begin! I knew my loneliness as an executive was melting. With each session I experimented with concrete strategies to lead a more productive work and personal life. The voice that I uncovered over the past 10 months has astounded me! My anxiousness and hesitance has lifted. My fears have been transformed into false voices. I have learned that by slowing down I accomplish more; by risking vulnerability I am a better and more confident leader.”  R.M. 

“From the first perspective-shifting question she asked in our very first coaching session, Charrise has had some of the most powerfully positive impact of any coach I’ve worked with since starting my business.” L.N.

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