VIP Strategy Session

You’ve been in business long enough to know that after a while, you lose your objectivity. You get dangerously close to forgetting why you do what you do.

You want to be a great leader, and it often feels like there are too many competing priorities taking up all of your time.

You’re ready for a re-set.

That’s why I created VIP Strategy Sessions.

It’s exactly what you need to get grounded in the right kind of action — the kind that builds your connection to what you really want and supercharges your momentum in the right direction.

Before it’s too late, and you have the kind of crash and burn I did as a corporate executive, you must carve time out to re-energize your desire to be a great leader.

Here’s what you’ll get out of it:

  • Action

    You will learn how to take decisive action.

  • Focus

    Narrow your focus.

  • Love & Support

    Identify and overcome fears with love and support.

  • Discernment

    Parse through every possible idea and get an execution plan.

  • Freedom

    Abolish expired beliefs.

My Favorite Thing!

I’ve facilitated transformation on many levels — in groups, with executive teams, individually — and the VIP Strategy Session is definitely my favorite way to serve people. I love the intimacy, focus, and the supercharged discernment that happens on days such as these. My superpower is delivering clarity and inspiring others into taking massive action.

You’ll have full access to my heart, spirit, + savvy business insights for the entire day. You might want to know more about me.

There is nothing like hearing about someone’s direct experience, right? Here is some praise from recent participants:

“In the current business climate where my reality is checking email starting at 630a each day, working on three other things while attempting to participate in conference calls, and checking email up until bed time, how refreshing it was to do our VIP Strategy Session in Lake Leelanau, Michigan.

To sit on the porch of a bed and breakfast and talk about the major changes we have worked through over the past 8 months was an eye-opening look back on how much of that change you have helped me make.

Mixing in some fun, walking around and sharing our new journeys to improved health was the perfect blend to keep energy up as we covered so many other topics.
For me, it was a total recharge because we could flow the conversation around the important items without distraction or interruption by “work”.

Since you and I have worked together for a while, we could go right to the heart of each topic, and I emphasize heart because you truly know and support what I am trying to build in my organization, with my family and with myself. To bring closure to the stress of making major organizational changes to the emotion of talking about my daughter encouraging me to get in control of my health are not areas that I can cover with any other person to the level that I can with you, my coach.

Coming out of the day with defined action items based on all the areas we covered during the day has given me a clear game plan on addressing those areas where I will continue to see impact in my organization and on myself. It is a blessing to be involved with you.” KW

“Want you to know that I am feeling a subtle but significantly perceptible shift within myself because of my time with you.  My sense of grounded strength and authentic confidence is up.  I’m not shrinking back or playing small as much.  I’m eager and excited for the “upright” feeling of myself; how I act, what I say, what I stand for; what I want; what I offer. ‘m gettin’ down with my bad self and lovin’ it!” JC

“I spent the day with Charrise for a VIP Strategy Session and wow, am I blown away! I had a huge list of expectations and plans for the day. It is so amazing to work with Coach Charrise. She has a huge ability to draw out my innermost ideas and put them to action. The clarification process of my VIP Strategy Session has changed the speed at which my business travels. Before I met Charrise I stumbled through self-help books, personal development, and hundreds if not thousands of classes and seminars. When I met her a year ago I knew she was going to be key to my success. It’s her passion to see people’s dreams come true, even when we don’t see them as hugely as she does, I can assure you if you take action all of your wildest dreams will come true. I highly recommend the services of Coach Charrise.” KS

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