Entrepreneur Gold Cafe

You don’t have to do this alone.


What Happens Here?

In the EGC, we come together to explore topics useful for entrepreneurs. It’s not a boring lecture. It’s a collaboration with a diverse group of smart and accomplished entrepreneurs, each bringing something brilliant into conversations that matter.


Entrepreneurs want to continuously learn and grow. But learning new information is useless without implementation and execution. Your best ideas too often die before they’ve been given a chance to live. The EGC serves as a catalyst to keep you moving; to create momentum and help you be a rock star entrepreneur.

Your Best Ideas

  • Integrated
  • Implemented
  • Executed



Entrepreneurs often struggle with discernment. You feel scattered. Disorganized. You have so many ideas, and sometimes you fail to execute them to give them the life they deserve. In this space we drill down. We get clear. There is no judging. You will find your people.

You Deserve

  • Acceptance
  • Support
  • Clarity
  • Your Full Potential
What would it feel like to receive massive support?

Top 10 Reasons For Joining EGC

  • Location is irrelevant

    Participate from anywhere. Using Zoom, a live video interface, the space feels intimate, as if we’re sitting next to one another.

  • Cure entrepreneurial loneliness.

    Because you no longer have to do this alone.

  • Inspiration & encouragement

    We believe in you, and are rooting for you.

  • Cost Effective

    Tremendous value at $149/month, with easy automatic payments it’s a no-brainer

  • Saves you time

    No driving, no flying, Quick access to others who know how to help you solve a problem or connect you to a resource.

  • Group accountability

    We will talk you off the ledge, and ask you about your progress. Making commitments out loud to others increases the likelihood of you doing it.

  • Surprises!

    Because who doesn’t love great surprises?

  • Access to increased clarity

    And clarity makes you money

  • Deep connections

    The richness of life is directly correlated to the quality of our relationships. Plus it’s good for business.

  • Learn from other brilliant thinkers

    Where else do you experience this kind of community?