Momentum Sessions

Introducing my all-new fast-track coaching program:  Momentum Sessions

What are Momentum Sessions?

In contrast to my high-cost weekly intensive one-on-one coaching sessions, my new Momentum Sessions Coaching Program is designed for those who want to fast-track a success or achievement and is reserved only for those people who are willing to make quick and dedicated progress.

I’ve designed this program to give women like you the support, strategy, creative brainstorming, and ongoing check-ins to help keep you on track toward a particular goal. That goal might be business or personal. Many different types of women have come to me to help them grow or transition into something better. If you see and strongly desire a change or growth ahead, the Momentum Sessions Coaching Program will provide the support and motivation you need.

Women I’ve worked with have accomplished boosts of confidence, an extreme level of clarity which helps them move forward, and have become inspired to get moving on something important to them.

Here are some more examples of the kinds of challenges you can tackle in your Momentum Sessions:

  • Start a new business
  • Reinvigorate a stalled business
  • Personal growth
  • Finishing incomplete projects
  • Getting healthy
  • Mapping out a new path
  • Growing or finding a relationship
  • Buy a new house
  • Move to a new city
  • Begin a creative practice
  • Maintain a writing practice
  • Navigate a challenging transition
  • Get better at handling change

These are just some examples; your situation is unique.

The Momentum Sessions Coaching Program unfolds differently for each person, depending on what area of your life in which you are committed to making progress. Whatever project you want to tackle, Momentum Sessions Coaching Program will help you get moving and stay moving.

Here are some personal results:

“Working with Charrise changed my life. I worked full time and had a part-time small business for many years and wanted to make the transition into running my own business full-time, which was very scary. Through working with Charrise, I am not only now running my own business full time, but I am making more than enough money to support myself. I’ve even had clients who’ve flown me across the country to work with them. Charrise’s unwavering support was the golden key that unlocked all my fears and enabled me to move forward. I owe everything to her. She showed me a whole new life.”
-Nicole C.

“Coaching is about supporting people to find what is within themselves and helping them to spring that into action. However, for me, in my despair, you do far more. You center me, guiding me away from my nasty absolutes, and further, you firmly grip my hand and literally haul me out of the dark, dank hole, in a hoisting motion, and then lovingly kick me in the butt to get on with it. Meeting you was in the stars and has been such a gift to me. We can only succumb to defeat if we decide to do so. You are masterful Charrise, thank you so so so much. XO” NR

“My time with Charrise has been life changing! About a year ago I was bogged down in fear, sadness, and exhaustion. Finding the strength to speak my truth was, quite frankly, just too overwhelming during the day to day business of an executive. No one around me (or so I thought!) could see the pain I was in. Within my first session, I felt the stitching-up begin! I knew my loneliness as an executive was melting. With each session, I experimented with concrete strategies to lead a more productive work and personal life. The voice that I uncovered over the past ten months has astounded me! My anxiousness and hesitance have lifted. My fears have been transformed into false voices. I have learned that by slowing down I accomplish more; by risking vulnerability, I am a better and more confident leader.” RM

How the Momentum Sessions Coaching Program works:

  • Initial 90-minute planning session via online video call
  • Weekly 30-minute laser sessions to keep you on track and keep you inspired.
  • Priority intermittent text/chat access to Charrise for unexpected challenges that may arise
  • Monthly recurring $500 subscription that you can cancel at any time.

How Momentum Sessions Coaching Program Will Help You

Momentum Sessions Coaching Program offer you support and guidance. You’ll get clear on what you really want (which is sometimes different than what you think you want) and together we will develop an inspired and doable task list each week, all while feeling supported and having someone to go to when you get stuck or scared.

Here’s what you can expect to get out of your Momentum membership:

  • Ongoing support
  • Overcome fear
  • Overcome your inner critic
  • Learn about risks and why they aren’t so risky after all
  • Stop sliding in the wrong direction
  • Eliminate what’s not working
  • Overcome self-sabotage
  • Gain clarity
  • Get doable weekly tasks toward accomplishing your goal
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn how to communicate better

What Qualifies me?

I have coached hundreds of individuals who’ve wanted to push through issues and reach new personal or entrepreneurial heights and like to call myself a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Coach and Love Activist. I am an inspirational speaker, a published author, and blogger. As an advisor to the US State Department, I have facilitated the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit in Middle Eastern and North African women through my involvement as a panelist and host family for the SUSI program. I am also co-founder of CoQuora, LLC. I continue to volunteer for St. Mary’s College Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, and serve on the Board of Directors for Women Business Owners of Indiana.

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