Large Group Facilitation

Are you finding that the tried and true leadership model — centered upon small groups of people making decisions for the greater good — simply doesn’t work anymore? Do you wonder why your best people jump ship to move to other more exciting opportunities?

If there’s one undisputed truth today about the available workforce, it’s that they have more choices than ever before. With technology, location becomes irrelevant, and those that come into the workforce will no longer settle for top-down, authoritarian leadership approaches.

How do you keep your best people? How do you solve your most complicated problems? Is what you’re currently doing working?

It turns out, when we tap into the collective wisdom of our people, complicated problems get solved. People feel part of something — and get more engaged in solution thinking because they can see new action for themselves.

Imagine discovering a new process for building capacity in each individual member of your team so that you don’t have to be the one solving all the problems?

I believe our biggest, most challenging issues can be solved, not by turning to a leader to make big and far-reaching decisions, but by participating in a process that’s designed to gather unique and important perspectives, creating for all a new sense of ownership and action orientation.

It’s nothing new, really. We’ve gathered in circles to create dialogue since the beginning of time.

Deeper human connection always leads to alignment and engagement. Dialogue that is designed to bring every view into a situation creates that human connection. It allows people to leverage their own unique talent, skills and perspectives so that new openings for action can be accessed.

Using proven methodologies like World Cafe and Open Space, and adding to that mix, a facilitator that masterfully blends ideas and action, your event holds a new promise to be business NOT as usual.

People walk away with a sense of ownership — even long-lost HOPE — that things really can improve. Better yet, they know that if things are to improve, they have personal responsibility to make it happen.

If this sounds interesting, I’d love to invite you into a conversation — where there is no limit to what we can create. Send me a note and we’ll get started.