Do You Feel Stuck?

It’s great to get a new outlook, and being hunkered down for a period of time for any reason can get old, FAST. Sometimes we feel stagnant. Bored. Stuck.

Being STUCK is no fun at all.

It’s one thing to clean closets… it’s so great when you get that feeling of knowing what’s in there, getting rid of worn out shoes, or clothes in 3 sizes with tags still on them. It feels good and is worthy of your time and attention.

But what about all the other STUCK places in your life? What if we opened the window on some other aspects of your life that could use some inquiry?

You’ll love being part of this course, as it could easily be the beginning of a wonderful process of self-inquiry — with an open invitation to create a bigger and better future.


De-Clutter Your Life

Since 2014, hundreds of thrilled participants have de-cluttered their life through this powerful digital course series.  The 7-Day guided courses are perfectly laid out for you to push the reset button in key areas of your life.



4 Key Areas:

You can choose to work with just one course, or if you’re interested in a deeper process you can do them all. The work serves to de-clutter your life in four major areas:

De-Clutter Series

  • Your Physical Space
  • Your Soul Connection
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Work

Your Physical Space

Your closets, your car, your office, your desk drawers, your garage, your mail stack, your taxes…you will feel more organized, more clear, and much lighter because you purge stuff that no longer serves a purpose.


Your Soul Connection

Your mindfulness, your spirit, self love, your faith, your grounding, your light, your beliefs, your thoughts…you will have more peace and access to grace, while spending time and energy on this often overlooked area of your life.

Your Relationships

Your parents, your partner, your lover, your children, your boss, your friends, your self…you’ll heal tender spots, while creating a path toward more fullfilling and enriching relationships for your future.


Your Work

Your stress level, your comfort zone, your love for it, your aptitude, your attitude, your success, your failure, your choices…you’ll be able to see new action steps that will help make work fun, connecting to a new sense of purpose.

You won’t believe how powerful this course is!

What Will You Get?

I can tell you what others got.

They got to feel lighter as they released the stuff — on every level — that was dying to be let go.
They experienced reconciled relationships — or bank accounts — resulting in a euphoric feeling of accomplishment.
They found inspiration again, allowing them to move into their next chapter with ease and grace.
They received a reconnection to the aliveness they’d been craving.
They found themselves again, underneath the weight that was lifted.
Worried about the dates of the course? Worry not! You can save the daily emails and return to them at any time that’s convenient for you.

So you see? No need for undue stress! You can do the work with grace and ease.

What’s really stopping you?

Wouldn't you love to feel more to live your best life?

Experience Them Individually





Each 7-Day Course is only $19.99. You’ll get access to an introductory video, followed by 7 emails containing some teaching, a writing prompt and an action step.

Treat yourself to all 4 Courses

By purchasing all four at once, you save 10%! Purchase the entire series for just $72!

Your life, reimagined in just 30 days!

Here’s What Participants Had To Say

For those who did the work, it was life-changing. There is no magic about it – although it might feel magical when your mind shifts and our life gets better. Stay open, and be prepared to be surprised!

One of the most significant things that has happened was that I stepped away from a friendship that was so unhealthy and I might even say it was toxic. I didn’t realize what it was doing to my soul. The freedom that I feel is hard to put into words. Just plain wonderful. I am so grateful for Charrise McCrorey’s powerful questions and her brilliant work. What a gift!

I am learning the precious value of solitude. Rather than feeling as if being alone is some sort of undeserved punishment, I am beginning to see what a gift it can be. And to support that revelation, I’ve begun actively distancing myself from any activity or relationship that does not nourish my spirit or bring joy.

I have a newly found love for decluttering and removing energy that no longer suits my life whether in material things or intangible things like thoughts, situations, etc.

Charrise McCrorey, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Coach

Charrise is a heart-centered entrepreneur coach, business consultant and love activist, generating and facilitating conversations that matter. Through compelling questions that move people forward, she is committed to creating change as a positive force, individually and collectively.

She specializes in inviting change-makers into bold and strategic thinking, willing to open the space for discussing the un-dicussables.

She works with entrepreneurs, communities, and private organizations, facilitating dialogue that builds internal capacity. She seeks to shine the light on individual strengths in order to solve the most complex problems, by coming together into the collective.

She brings possibility thinking to any situation, and people always leave her company inspired.

She has guided the transformation of thousands of people in her own uniquely fierce and gentle way, through talks, workshops, one-to-one leadership coaching and consulting, digital programs and her published work. Her work fundamentally transforms the way humans communicate, produce work, and manage change in major US cities like Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Detroit, and throughout the world.

As an advisor to the US State Department, Charrise has facilitated growth of the entrepreneurial spirit in Middle Eastern and North African women through her involvement as a panelist and host family for the SUSI program. She loves to mentor and empower women from all walks of life to have their greatest possible impact, and volunteers for St. Mary’s College Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative in many capacities.

Charrise is a published author and writes her own inspirational blog.