Refresh Your Creativity


Is it time for a break? Consider this your invitation to my private, one to one creative retreat for entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurs are an interesting animal. I know, because I am one. I also know how rare it is to have someone’s undivided attention, and how much we crave it.

That’s why I want to give it to you. Intense focus, direct eye contact, deep listening — with nobody else present to distract us. It’ll be your turn, and only yours.

Entrepreneurs are doers by nature, and in the busy-ness of growing our business, we sometimes forget to nurture ourselves with the same fervent passion as in the execution of our business. The grind is seductive and habit-forming. Technology owns us.

And yet, we became an entrepreneur because we had a creative idea. Ah yes, the IDEAS. Without them, execution doesn’t matter.

My Invitation


Would you love to carve a few days out of your life to STOP and breathe and play? (secret: work can be play) Do you need space for your next level to emerge?

Emptying a few days of commitments, technology, appointments, and all the homes for whom you are the foundation is a gift to your creative self.

My greatest ideas have arrived when I’m relaxed, in a quiet place with my feet in the sand. They certainly don’t happen when I’m in back-to-back appointments, or scrolling mindlessly on my cell phone.

Consider giving yourself this gift.

The Plan


You’ll travel to Arbutus Lake, near Traverse City, Michigan — a magical, almost indescribable place. You’ll stay in a rustic cabin we’ve made cozy. It’s not the Ritz, though if the walls could talk, you’d hear stories about the value of stripping back down to the basics.

creative retreat for entrepreneursImagine awakening early, just in time for the one-of-a-kind sunrise, against flat, tranquil and clear water. Listen to the regular call of the Loons, a transcendent sound far surpassing any alarm clock.

We will unravel your stories, by looking under every rock for patterns that have you stuck, opening channel after channel of creative flow.

I will ask the best questions you’ve ever been asked. You will give the most insightful answers you didn’t even know existed. It’s a tuning up of your entrepreneurial mindset.

At some point, our conversation will turn to strategy, and we will put some things to paper (I love Sharpies!). We narrow down the essence of what’s next and create a practical and fierce plan for execution.

Not to be confused with a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ strategy, this one will be custom built with your natural capabilities as the foundation.

After a little night sky, you will tuck into crisp and plush cabin bedding. You’ll close your sweet eyes with satisfaction, more inspired than ever before.

In the morning, you’ll be treated to another breathtaking sunrise. We’ll review the events of yesterday. Your subconscious may have delivered something new by morning, so we’ll listen for that.

You may also be shaky. Fear might have knocked on your door. We will sit with that, too. Our morning will be energized and productive, and finished by noon.

Our time together will be intense. It’ll be just you — and me. I’m going to love you through all of it, and you will be witnessed like never before. Promise.

If you know you want this, you can reserve one of the limited spots by paying your deposit below. If you’d love to talk through what’s possible, go here to set up time with me. There’s no harm in a conversation, right?

With love,
Coach Charrise

My fee for the Creative Retreat, including everything but your travel to me, is $1200. Reserve your place now, by paying in full or simply hold your spot with a deposit of $600 using the button below. The balance will be due before our time together.

Can you see yourself here, in one of these chairs, next to me? What if this is exactly what you need, right now, to set yourself right again?

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