3 Powerful Ways for Leaders to Create Engagement

Your people are your secret weapons, when their full potential is tapped. The best way to fully utilize the gifts and talents of your people is to create a culture of engagement. The truth is, your people are either engaged, not engaged, or actively disengaged. 3 Powerful Ways for Leaders to Create Engagement Gallup, Inc. has released a study called “State of the Global Workplace”, which measures employee engagement in 9 key categories. In the US and Canada, survey results …

Top 10 Crisis Management Strategies for Leading with Love

Every senior level executive team I’ve ever worked with has experienced occasional high-stress times when they can’t seem to catch a break. Whether a key customer is making unreasonable demands, equipment fails, financing falls through, or a myriad of other catastrophic events occur, there are simply times when leadership skills are put to the test. Here are 10 Crisis Management Strategies for Leading With Love to know and remember in such times: Remember that this too, shall pass. You know …

People Matter

People Matter

  I enjoy getting a reaction from people. Maybe it’s the way my stars are aligned – or maybe just that I love creating conversation other than small talk. (I may not have mentioned how much I abhor small talk.) So, on the back of my iPhone, there is a sticker prominently displayed that says… PEOPLE MATTER When people notice it, I always look them in the eye to see if it registers. It’s not a big deal – and …

Lead with love

Radical Ideas On Leaders & Love

Through engagement and empathy, we are building cultures that reward innovation and creativity, while honoring the true talents and gifts of the people doing the work. This not only makes people happy, it improves the organization’s bottom line. Win-win.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve worked with leaders to create high functioning teams, with a great deal of success.

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Being Gentle With Myself

Being Gentle With Myself

What would change if I were being gentle with myself? I can easily look back on times in my life and judge decisions or actions as wrong, bad, or unwise. I think we can each recall a time when we can’t really believe we acted a certain way. And yet, what if truly, at that time, I was operating inside the knowledge and consciousness I had so far accumulated? What if my intentions were well placed even though my actions …

Living from Spirit

Living from Spirit

I’ve been having some fascinating, earth-shaking conversations lately. That happens when you do the kind of work I do, I suppose. I get to show people things that they haven’t been able to see, which often puts them on a new path. But first, I have to see it myself, for myself, before I can effectively teach it. It’s a bummer and yet it’s true. That’s why I work with Stephen McGhee, my own leadership coach. Even a coach can …

Working versus Serving

Working Versus Serving

Every day, I wake up with a choice.  I can either wake up and go to work, or I can wake up and serve. What do you think the difference is, between working versus serving? The way I see it, I can show up for a job for the sake of receiving the money in exchange for the work, with no greater purpose than “making a living.” Or, inside of that work, I can have an intention to serve others …