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Hello and welcome to my online home.

Did you know that the trajectory of your life and business always goes in the direction of the questions you’re asking about it?

If you’re in the second half of your life, your questions are likely different from those of your 20’s and 30’s. You begin to wander more deeply into spiritual or existential territory. With whom do you have these conversations? Have you created the compelling dialogue you long to experience?

Love Activist

These are some of the questions I’m currently exploring…

Who is the mirror for my whole self, including my shadow side? Is there someone in my life who will say to me what they see in me, without any agenda for themselves?

Where can I find other leaders who are seeking more connection with those on a similar spiritual journey, for the purpose of a deeper understanding? Where is it safe to have these conversations?

Have I been more aligned with creating money and power than in understanding Self and God, and my very purpose for existing?

I have learned that it’s the internal demons that do us in. At some point our current game ends, and we’re called to transform the pain in our lives so that we’re not transmitting it out to the world. As a love activist, I embody love in all my healing and teaching. I stand for empathy and engagement; compassion and purpose.

My work with leaders aims to activate loving kindness, while discovering and reconciling the soft underbelly of shame and betrayal we secretly experience, so that we humans can begin to heal the suffering in the world.

If these questions resonate with those you’re asking of yourself, I’d love to connect with you by inviting you into a conversation about them.

Really, just go to my contact page and give me some idea what you’re seeking, and we’ll talk.

 “Where your attention goes, your energy flows and life grows.” Brian Bacon

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