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In business, leadership is our most precious commodity. Did you know that 40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies will not be here in 10 years? And that the typical CEO tenure is now less than 6 years, and falling? The cycles of business are speeding up. Today’s leader has a big job.

The inner game has never been a more vital piece of the leadership puzzle. It’s the single biggest factor in your ability to innovate, collaborate, and create sustainable business practices that will keep you from becoming a statistic.

Here are some scenarios that work against sustainable, profitable business:

  • Organizations struggle with engagement. According to Gallup’s report “State of the American Workplace”, 70% of the workforce in the United States today is either disengaged, or actively disengaged. What is the bottom line cost of this? How do you create an engaged workplace?
  • Change is widely seen as negative, rather than positive. People make fear based decisions from this negative place, leading to small and confined thinking. What if change could be seen as positive? How can you create a thriving change culture that keeps up with the speed of change?
  • The most talented people have plenty of choices, and they often exercise their choice to go where they’re most appreciated. Finding and keeping the best people at all levels is critical to business growth. What is your strategy for talent attraction?
  • Considering the speed with which we can communicate through technology, oftentimes we are not really connecting with our message. How can you increase¬†the quality and impact of communication?
  • Millenial’s think and behave differently than generations before them. There can be a great disconnect caused by this gap. How can you¬†tap into their talent, value their contributions and give them a reason to stay?

These are just some of the most pressing concerns on the minds of leaders. In my 30 years in business (the past 8+ years as a heart-centered business coach) I’ve learned enough to fill a library — about people.

I’ve developed a body of work which includes strategies for each of these areas. They’re practical, proven, and heart-centered. With diligence and commitment, these strategies work.

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