And together, we will let die what must die and give birth to what must live.Charrise

Being happy is one of the most compelling quests a woman can have. Interwoven with relationships, career, health, money and balance, it's tricky. But we know it when we see it, right?

Who are you, really? It's the most complicated yet simple question in existence. And it begs an answer if you're ever going to finally be happy.

Finding the sweet spot requires a few things. First, you have to want to be happy. Shockingly, some people aren't quite ready to face the stuff in the way of happy. And that's cool.

But if you're ready to finally make the choice to be happy (and it IS a choice) you're going to need to face the truth about your life.

Second, you get to be honest with yourself about ditching some of your expired beliefs. It's sad and true -- we hold onto our beliefs longer than is prudent because it seems easier -- until it isn't.

Soul excavation is tricky business; just when you think you're getting closer, something happens that brings up new questions. At least it has been that way for me.

There is endless possibility to be revealed when you sit with the questions, coming to the conversation with an open heart and mind. I know how much courage it takes, as I’m still walking one step at a time down that same rocky road.

I want you to know that while sometimes it helps to listen to what your own voice tells you, you don’t have to do this alone. Come, sit with me. Tell me your miraculous story. Let me love you through the hard parts as others have loved me. And together, we will let die what must die and give birth to what must live.